Aspen Snowmass Colorado is truly the ultimate vacation destination for mountain lovers. Unbelievably captivating.

During the day, Aspen is easy to navigate by bicycle. In the evening, the lights come on, bathing the city in a warm glow. Just by simply wandering around you may find yourself in an artist's gallery or a pub with live music. It’s small in size but large in cultural appeal. While you’re there you may find yourself in love with the summer sun or winter snow.

Just next door, Snowmass is also a unique town with live music year round. Nearby, the Maroon-Bells are the most photographed mountains in the United States. Maybe when you go see the Bells, you’ll pass by a painter trying to capture the scene of the nearby mountains. Maybe you’ll ask a park ranger for directions. You can’t go wrong during the summer or winter because there are always wonderful things to do and people to meet here. 

Snowmass Free Concert Series

Every Thursday there is a free concert at Snowmass. You can drive but it’s much easier to take the bus there. A free shuttle will take you uphill to the venue. Not only is there a beautiful mountain view behind the stage, but you can buy alcohol on site. If you’re down for some cheap wine and an off-cover band, this is a super chill way to spend the evening. You WILL get a view of the sunset.


Aspen Music Festival and School, Winter and Summer Concerts

The Benedict Music tent is a massive open-air stage where artists from all over will play. The coolest thing is if you don’t want to pay for it you can sit on the lawn outside to listen to the music. They will be showing in 2021. Something really special about this is witnessing the hustle and bustle of the setup. Many people put energy into these concerts.


Local Aspen Trails Hiking and Biking

Grab a free map and check out some of the local trails in Aspen itself. Honestly, you are going to need to acclimate to the higher elevations. There’s no better way to do it than to watch the sunset from a local peak. You can bike to most trailheads during the summer, even winter, or catch a ride from someone with a car. Hiking and biking are very accessible in this town. Plus locals will point you in the right direction for sure.


Crater Lake Trail, 3.8 Miles Out and Back

Crater lake is far enough into the Maroon-Bells that you can get a little bit of quiet. The thing about Crater Lake is it dries out as the season goes on. If you want to see it full, go during the Spring thaw. If you need a bit of serenity and quiet, go during the Winter.


Cathedral Lake Trail, 5.3 Miles Out and Back

Cathedral Lake is incredible. It’s an uphill haul the whole way on switchbacks. However, the entire time there is a view of the surrounding mountains. Then when you get to Cathedral Lake itself, the water looks like it captured a piece of the sky and brought it down to earth. It’s breathtaking, a mountain in the background with nothing but nature around you. Road access closes during the winter. Bring snowshoes and microspikes.


Buttermilk, Family Skiing and Snowboarding

There is literally no cooler place for parents to take their kids skiing. Not only were the X Games hosted here but uncrowded skiing makes for safe beginner practice. Plus you can get away from the crowds. Their Parks and Pipes are fun too in case you want to try out some tricks in a terrain park.


The Aspen Highland Bowl, Black Diamond Skiing and Snowboarding

Maybe you want to push yourself while you’re on vacation. Maybe you want to shred powder like none other. One of the most intense locations for this is the Aspen Highland Bowl. It takes three lifts to get there. Believe it or not you don’t have to hike, and there are other trails along the way. Check for avalanche closures then get out and send it.


Krabloonik Dogsled Rides, Snowmass

You would think dogsledding is an Alaska thing, but there’s a family run business right nearby at Snowmass. Couples, families, and friends love this place because everyone can go on a wilderness dog sled tour. Guides explain everything to you. Rides go for over an hour, sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the evening. They also have ATV tours for anyone who wants to try that.


Snowmass Rodeo

In Snowmass it’s not only possible to see a Rodeo but also professional. Talented Cowboys and Cowgirls navigate a number of competitions. It’s riveting to see the focus on their faces while they push themselves hard. There’s delicious food available on the side so bring some friends and enjoy authentic western culture.



Hiking, biking, shopping, eating, and listening to local musicians are all things to check out in Aspen and Snowmass. The whole area is a cultural hotspot rich with wonderful opportunities for new experiences. SImply by walking or cycling around you may find yourself in a small gift shop or busy pub. The scenery will help to put you at ease since there are lovely lakes, rivers, and mountains all around. Grab your camera and have fun!